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26 mars 2020

EFFETS STARS International Festival of Special Effects is organized by the association Effects Stars in partnership with the Gaumont Multiplexe of Montpellier. This aims to promote in its different forms (Cinema, 3D, Video games, Short programs, advertising and DVD) visual and sound effects and young talented creators. These new images are currently experiencing a revolution thanks to digital technology and its incredible development. EFFETS...

26 mars 2020

Created and written by Christelle Gras and Yohan Labrousse, here is the pitch: In a desolate France haunted by infected cannibals, five survivors with a difficult past will try to unite to achieve their goals and find an ideal. To do this, they will not only have to face a belligerent clan, but also their own flaws as well as the unexpected effects of a virus that has spared nobody, or almost ... Shooting on which I was able to make many...

22 novembre 2016

Métal Hurlant Chronicles is a Franco-Belgian television series in twelve 26-minute episodes, created and directed by Guillaume Lubrano. The series is an adaptation of the stories published in the comic science fiction magazine Métal Hurlant. It is like an anthology of short films, each episode is a different story, with a different universe and characters. A pleasure to work on this kind of shooting which gives rise to many photos...

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